Regular message from the Minister at Almondbury Methodist Church
Message from our Minister

Our lives are full of beginnings and endings, and the first Sunday in September marked the beginning of a new year in the Methodist church. Usually, all that has shut down over the summer begin to gear up to restart, meetings begin to fill diaries and the community of faith re-join and plan to celebrate together harvest, remembrance, Advent and, dare I mention, Christmas. There is a buzz. This year this beginning is more pronounced as we end the restrictions of lockdown and emerge into the light of a world we have never experienced before.

We have travelled through unfamiliar territory, and we need to give each other space and time to get take on board what has happened and what we have experienced. Perhaps a need to emerge slowly and gently and allow each other space and time to share our stories and experiences. As I mentioned at the welcome service last week, the words that have spoken to me over the last years come from a poem by Elizabeth Alexander, “Are we not of interest to each other”. The story of the Christian faith talks of God who is interested in the world, in us all. This is seen in and through Jesus who models the way we are called to be in relationship with each other and God in an unprecedented way.

I look forward to this beginning, meeting you as we emerge together and pray that we will get time and space to tell and hear our stories that are part of God’s story.


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